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Cardinal Healing Energy

Relax. Rejuvenate. Restore.

 $25 energy therapy session for first-time clients.  

Energy Therapy

Reiki and Healing Touch energy therapies balance the human energy system to promote self-healing. 

Balance and Clarity

Reiki and Healing Touch use light or  near-body touch to clear and balance the human energy system.  Clients may feel nurtured with a calmer state of mind. 

Holistic Approach

Energy therapy provides a holistic approach to the reduction of pain and anxiety.  Reiki and Healing Touch facilitate the well being of mind,  body, and spirit. 

Featured Services


Feel the relaxing effects of this healing energy.  


Healing Touch

Experience the mental clarity and pain relief provided by this energy therapy. 


Health Coaching

Support your energy system with foods specific to your needs. 


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